Board Game Leagues

Board Game League

The Malted Meeple Board Game League is designed for those who want to learn and play new games, and might be interested in meeting some new people to play with at the same time!

League seasons will run for four weeks, during which time we will be awarding points for a variety of activities and achievements. Earn points just by playing, by winning (if applicable), for bringing a new friend, and maybe even for wearing a funny shirt! There will be prizes each week, and for the overall winner at the end of each season!

Join us every Monday for League play, and learn and enjoy our featured games each week!

Stop in and let your Game Master know you’d like to sign up for Board Game League, or email us at!

Legacy League

The Legacy League is all about a single type of game, specifically Legacy style games such as Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy and the highly anticipated SeaFall Legacy.

These Legacy games are designed to have continuity from session to session. The game board and rules actually change and evolve as you play, making each game unique to a specific group of players. After a number of play throughs, typically 12 to 15, the group will have made all of the big discoveries and decisions and the game board “locks in”.

The Legacy League is designed to give our guests an opportunity to play these amazing – and often expensive – games, as economically as possible. We will provide you a personalized copy of the game at a significant discount (40% off MSRP!). Your copy of the game will be stored in a special section of the Meeple’s library, available only to you and your group.

Play through the game as quickly or slowly as you would like. Once you’ve completed it you can bestow it upon one of your group, divide it amongst the group, or possibly even display your game board it in a special Legacy League frame at The Meeple!

Stop in and let your Game Master know you would like to take part in the Legacy League, and Live Your Legacy!

Legacy League

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